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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of sunbeds do you have ?

woman_tan1As well as the traditional top and bottom sunbed Home Sunbed Hire Ltd provide two types of vertical tanning unit plus the ever popular canopy fold away sunbed . These are by far the most popular types of sunbed for home hire. Vertical tanning & canopy units take up less floor space.

If you just want to lie down and relax we also supply the traditional top and bottom sunbed fitted with two safety timers and with curved top and bottom to promote an even all over tan and greater comfort.

How long will it take to develop my tan ?

Tanning time will depend on your skin type and the existing level of a base tan that you already have. Our advice is always to build up a tan slowly, the benefit of using 200 watt tubes is that it does not take so much time to develop a tan. As long as you remember this and monitor your own skin's reaction to the unit then you should develop an all over tan without burning.

How much space does a tanning unit require ?

Vertical units are specifically designed for use at home and take up a similar amount of floor space as a shower cubicle. A top and bottom unit will require the equivalent space of a single bed.

Are they safe ?

Sun bedThe home tanning units we provide are manufactured to the appropriate British and European standards and are fitted with dual timers for additional safety. The home tanning units need to be plugged into 2 separate wall sockets, they should not be operated from a single wall socket with an extension lead. Our top of the range tanning unit the VX240 uses 24 200 watt tubes, and is as powerful as any commercial sunbed. Our recommendation on your actual home tanning session initially should be as short as 3 minutes, and build up gradually dependent on skin type and level of base tan, to sessions lasting no more than 5 minutes.

These units seem very powerful - will I burn ?

woman_tan1Home Sunbed Hire Ltd promote responsible tanning and we will provide you with a set of guidelines, issued by the Health & Safety Executive, whenever we deliver a unit to you. Remember these machines are considerably more powerful than the typical home hire unit and you should therefore build up your exposure time slowly in order to avoid burning. Home Sunbed Hire Ltd also provide specialist creams for these home tanning units which we will be pleased to advise you on.

Why hire a home tanning unit and not use a salon?

Imagine the convenience and flexibility of using your state of the art home tanning unit when it suited you? No trying to find a parking space in town and the right change for the car park. No undressing in an impersonal change area and packing clothes away. Plus the cost effectiveness of sharing your home tanning unit with your partner or family.