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"Don't just hire a sunbed - treat yourself to a home tanning experience"

  • Always get fast tan 200 watt tubes to ensure the quickest possible tanning times (check the strength of the tubes in any sunbed that you hire - the higher the watt output the faster the tan)
  • Make sure your sunbed is compact enough to be installed in your home - our units are delivered in panels ensuring that they can fit through a normal doorway and be carried upstairs before being easily and quickly assembled. Installation & delivery is at no extra cost.
  • Ensure your sunbed has twin 10 minute safety timers - in accordance with EU regulations.
  • Vertical sunbeds should include intergrated body breeze cooling fans - to make your tanning session more comfortable.


Double SunbedThe vertical sunbeds that we hire have been specifically designed for use at home and take up a similar amount of floor space as a shower cubicle. The units require approximately 1m square of floor space and are 184cm tall.

Canopy beds have the following dimensions: Height 190cm Width 70cm and fold away for your convenience.

Top and bottom sunbeds require the equivalent space of a single bed.

The sunbed is delivered in panels ensuring that it will fit through a standard doorway and can be taken up a flight of stairs if required.

The only other consideration for positioning the sunbed is that it operates from two electrical plugs that must be plugged directly into wall sockets and not into an extension lead. If you have any doubts about where to position your sunbed please ask when making your hire booking and we will be happy to advise